Shares compelling reasons why youth engagement in political and socio-civic affairs is fashionable and trendy. Seeks to present and spark new thought provokiing ideas on the  importance of ideology in today's modern world.

Shares compelling reasons why youth engagement in political and socio-civic affairs is fashionable and trendy. Seeks to present and spark new thought provokiing ideas on the importance of ideology in today's modern world.

Four and a half years into the term of the Aquino administration, despite the projected and portrayed economic development by some experts and by the talking heads of Malacanang, we are still a people wanting of "inclusive", "trickled down" or "intestinally felt" growth. These are all concepts which are shared by some economic and political experts, all of which are legitimate but do not fully capture the type of growth and development the country needs at this time.

Ang nakaambang pagtatapos ng ating mga mag-aaral ngayong Marso'y hindi lamang para sa mga mag-aaral na tatanggap ng mga natatanging parangal dahil sa kanilang mga matataas na marka't natatanging kagalingan sa loob ng silid aralan.

When you say the word fearless, you would normally associate the word with strength, courage and tenacity to fight all odds in order to achieve something. Often, fearless is associated with supernatural heroes who we normally see in Hollywood movies. Fearless is usually connoted with a positive meaning.

If you’ve been keen on observing news items recently, marriage spats involving several celebrity personalities and politicians have been all over broadcasts, with many wives crying foul over abuse and mistreatment from their husbands after many years of being together. Well, these cases get the attention not really because of the nature or gravity of the abuse but because they are public figures and that anything they do would always be seen as an item for discussion in the media. But much as it is what it is for our media, what’s happening or what is at least being reported is a microcosm of what’s been happening in society today.

By the time this article is published, our National Team Gilas Pilipinas and its fate may have already been sealed or it may still be in a heated battle in the Quarterfinals of the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship being held here in Manila. Be that as it may, this article will not lose meaning nor will it lose any relevance.

Many political pundits and even ordinary citizens awaited the 4th State of the Nation Address of President Noynoy Aquino. It was the subject once again of many talks along the streets and subject of many analysis from many opinion makers and political analysts. But what seems to be more interesting nowadays is to find out the reaction of Social Media Users regarding the 2013 version of the SONA. Some youth groups have even launched an online gimmick for President Aquino’s SONA.

Let it be reminded the in the 15th Congress, SK Reform bills and other relevant measures have been filed and have remained pending in the House Committees on revision of laws, youth and on local government.

I can stand by the traffic, the occasional snatching and hold-ups, the corruption and even often the poverty. But what I cannot stand anymore is this inhumane treatment that innocent children are being submitted to.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this problem has become perennial and to some, a permanent problem that will take years and decades to be solved. I also wouldn’t be surprised that some went on to say that Dan Brown’s impression of Manila as the “gates of hell” was true because of the hellacious experience they had on the streets with the exhausting traffic and the heavy flooding in many major roads.

It is alarming and indeed worrisome for students who are about to graduate and for the many who are left wondering if there are really jobs out there for the taking.

It wasn’t Nancy Binay’s fault that she won. Her candidacy and her nomination as a party candidate of UNA went through a selection process, rigged as it may be claimed by some or not.

I write this article with some bias because I’m a member of a political party. But other than the bias, there’s something I want to share with you- an experience that is worth more than what candidates are willing to pay voters and more than the mileage an endorsement from any group can offer--- the opportunity to be with genuine change makers, in the form of some local candidates who may not have the financial means to compete against the bigger political machineries of the country but have the competence, the character and the commitment to serve the country genuinely.