What does this tongue-twisting 19-letter word mean? What is its significance and what key role will it play here in our country?

"Under the Duterte administration, the CMGP projects will prioritize the provincial core roads."

What is CMGP? How can it pave the way for local development?

Can Sen. Sonny Angara make this happen during the 17th Congress as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Local Government?

Through the years, the Leagues have been advocating for more substantive priority amendments to achieve full decentralization.

So how can our barangay officials cope with limited funds? 

For income to come in especially for disadvantaged LGUs, something must be done ASAP!

It’s already the last week of March.  By this time, deadlines have been set for the payment of taxes. About 65% of LGUs’ tax revenues are collected during the first quarter of the year – the period where most of the income comes in!

Will UMRA be a solution to the unwarranted strain on the fiscal position of LGUs?

Cities dominate 69% of the local income leaving 13% for Provinces and 18% for Municipalities. Why?

Is it time to amend the Local Government Code?